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What is the difference between proofreading and copyediting, and how do I know which service I need?

If you have written more than one draft and your document has already gone through a professional edit at least once, proofreading is probably all that’s needed.

Proofreading will review and correct the following: spelling, grammar, punctuation, basic issues of tense, basic formatting issues (typeface, set-off material), table of contents, location of any tables or graphs, order of front and back matter, and consistency of page numbers, running heads, and running feet.

Perhaps a few people have reviewed your document and you have made changes but feel it is still a little rough around the edges; then copyediting is what you’ll need.

Copyediting will address all that proofreading does, plus the following: formatting (so that it meets publishing house standards), clarity, word choice, consistency of tense, consistency of style (including accents within dialogue), overuse of passive voice, wordiness, and redundancies. Light fact-checking is also done.

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